Mike Johanson

About Me

I'm a researcher in the field of artificial intelligence. Specifically, I work on creating agents that have to perceive their world and choose actions to achieve their goals, putting me in the areas of reinforcement learning and computational game theory. Most of my work involves multi-agent settings, where humans and AI agents interact in a shared environment. Those environments are often games: sometimes abstract games such as poker or board games, sometimes video games with more depth and complexity, and sometimes high-fidelity virtual reality games meant to emulate our reality.

I'm a co-founder of Artificial.Agency, where we are bringing cutting edge AI technology to video games. Prior to that I was a Senior Research Scientist in DeepMind's Alberta office and a consulting game theorist. I completed my PhD and MSc under Michael Bowling at the University of Alberta, where I was part of the Computer Poker Research Group.


April 2023: Co-founded Artificial.Agency

Three of my DeepMind colleagues and I have left the company to start a startup: Artificial.Agency! We'll be quiet for a while, but are operating at the intersection of AI and games.

May 2022: Multi-agent Economics

My most recent paper, on multi-agent economics, just hit arXiv: [Local link]. I've been working on this since around January 2018, shortly after joining DeepMind, and after four years I'm excited to share it.

July 2017: DeepMind

I'm now a Research Scientist at DeepMind's new Edmonton office.

March 2017: DeepStack

Our latest Science paper was just released, on DeepStack: game-changing algorithm for tackling large imperfect information games. In December 2016, it became the first program to beat human pros at heads-up no-limit Texas hold'em. [DeepStack.ai]

September 2016: Joined Cogitai

I'm now working at Cogitai.

January 2016: PhD defended!

I defended my PhD this afternoon (January 14th)! Details and thesis are here: [HTML].